Shimadzu Part Number: 220-92746-76

Sadtler 4201 FTIR Library University Standards

The purpose of this database is to satisfy the academic need for a small convenient collection of infrared spectra of organic compounds relevant to college introductory courses on organic chemistry and the supplementary laboratory courses on experimental organic chemistry and qualitative organic analysis. Approximately 300 spectra are contained in this database. All databases undergo the Sadtler Data Review Protocol to provide you with the highest standard available in spectral data today. These rigorous qualifying procedures start at data acquisition and continue throughout the database development process. All databases are tested in Sadtler laboratories by certified professionals with extensive training in spectroscopy and are validated by outside consultants. Every effort is made to maintain a high standard of accuracy before a spectrum can be placed in a collection.300 Spectra; Sadlter Product Code 4201
Price: $467.00