Shimadzu Part Number: 220-92746-27

Sadtler 4204 FTIR Library Flame Retardants

Commercially available flame retardants are chemicals used to modify the combustibility of the materials to which they are added. Each compound is identified by its chemical or trade name. All databases undergo the Sadtler Data Review Protocol to provide you with the highest standard available in spectral data today. These rigorous qualifying procedures start at data acquisition and continue throughout the database development process. All databases are tested in Sadtler laboratories by certified professionals with extensive training in spectroscopy and are validated by outside consultants. Every effort is made to maintain a high standard of accuracy before a spectrum can be placed in a collection. 1.) Purity checked by another spectral technique. 2.) Chemical and physical properties listed. 3.) Chemical composition defined. 4.) Chemical structure included. 5.) Sampling technique listed. 6.) Databases created specifically for searching. 595 Spectra; Sadtler Product Code: 420400
Price: $2,524.00