Shimadzu Part Number:220-92746-65

Sadtler 4362 FTIR Library Solvents By Vapor Phase

This database contains the FT-IR reference spectra of 620 common solvents. The purpose of this database is to provide a convenient, practical reference source of information in a single volume that aids in identification and analysis of these solvents. It also provides supporting chemical and physical information that is commonly sought and used for these chemicals. Most spectra were measured at Sadtler Research Laboratories using either a Digilab FTS-14 or FTS-15 Fourier transform spectrometer in the spectral region 4000 cm-1 to 450 cm-1 with a nominal resolution of 4 cm-1 across the entire spectral region. A Sadtler CIRA 102 chromatographic infrared analyzer was used as the sampling device to measure all reference spectra. The carrier gas was helium. It is intended to provide a reference for spectroscopists identifying compounds in the vapor state from gas chromatography separations and to present high quality spectra for the evaluation and interpretation of vapor phase infrared spectra.1.) Purity checked by another spectral technique. 2.) Chemical and physical properties listed. 3.) Chemical composition defined. 4.) Chemical structure included. 5.) Sampling technique listed. 6.) Databases created specifically for searching. 620 Spectra, Sadtler Product Code; 4362 / LU
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