Shimadzu Part Number:220-92746-64

Sadtler 4365 FTIR Library Flavors, Frangrances, And Oils

The Flavors, Fragrances & Oils database provides scientists with a collection of organic compounds used in the manufacture of flavors and fragrances, natural product oils, synthesized fragrance compounds, terpenes and some fixatives. The database includes 870 infrared spectra of compounds that are approved by the Flavor and Extracts Manufacturers' Association of the United States. Each compound is labeled with the name as well as synonyms, the source of the chemical and the method of analysis. The Chemical Abstracts Registry Number as well as the FEMA Number are listed when available. Properties such as melting points, boiling points, flash points, density, index of refraction, etc. are displayed when available. The molecular formula, molecular weight and structure are presented for some compounds. To enhance the data, the physical description as well as the description or use is presented whenever possible. Each compound is identified by its chemical name. 1.) Purity checked by another spectral technique. 2.) Chemical and physical properties listed. 3.) Chemical composition defined. 4.) Chemical structure included. 5.) Sampling technique listed. 6.) Databases created specifically for searching. 870 Spectra; Sadtler Product Code: 4365
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