Shimadzu Part Number: 220-92788-01

1 mm Cap For Tray Cell

1 mm Pathlength replacement cap for tray cell. The Hellma Tray Cell is designed for measurements e.g. of DNA/RNA or protein samples and enables highly accurate analysis of extremely small samples with remarkable reproducibility. Using the 1 mm or 0.2 mm cap creates a defined optical light path of 1 mm and 0.2 mm respectively. This generates virtual dilution factors of 1:10 or 1:50 in comparison to a measurement with a standard 10 mm cuvette. This feature saves time and avoids dilution errors. If desired, samples can be retrieved after the measurement for further processing. The required sample volume for the 1 mm cap is 3 µl to 5 µl and for the 0.2 mm cap 0.7 µl to 4 µl. With the Hellma Tray Cell the average dynamic range for dsDNA is between 2 ng/µl and 5,000 ng/µl. The mean dynamic range depends strongly on the type of photometer used. Includes the tray cell, and two caps, one with a 1mm pathlength and the second with a 0.2 mm pathlength to give a dynamic range of 2 ng/L to 5,000 ng/L for dsDNA. For details on the Hellma tray cell see part #220-92788-00.
Price: $546.00