Shimadzu Part Number:220-91494-01

HPLC Startup Kit #1 W/2-GAL Poly Waste Can

Complete installation kit for HPLC that includes a solvent reservoir tray, set of 5 1-L bottles with 3-hole caps, PEEK tubing and fittings kit, and a 2-gallon (8L) PE waste can with polypropylene quick-disconnect manifold fittings. Reservoir tray will hold up to 7 1-L bottles. Bottle caps have a solid plug and filter plug with a stainless steel frit for use with He sparging. The tubing kit contains 2 each of 5' rolls of Blue (0.01 i.d.) and Red (0.005 i.d.) PEEK tubing, plus a cutter, fingertight fittings, PEEK unions, column plugs, and spare nuts and ferrules for the DGU-20A3 or A5 degassers. The waste can comes complete with manifold and fittings for 1 HPLC system (autosampler and detector); additional ports are present so 3 systems can feed 1 can; additional fittings are sold separately. Also included is an activated carbon vapor filter for the waste can to minimize solvent vapors in the lab environment. For normal phase solvents, use 220-91494-03 (2 Gal can with stainless fittings) or 220-91494-02 (5 Gal can with stainless fittings.)
Price: $2,000.00
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