Shimadzu Part Number: 220-95357-39

Standards, AA, 200.7 Fortified Stock Solution 1

Fortified Stock Solution 1 for EPA 200.7 is a certified reference material traceable to NIST and manufactured in accordance with stringent quality assurance guidelines. One year expiration date. COA and MSDS are included. Contains Ag 7.5 ug/mL, Ba, Be, Cd, Co, Li, Mn, Sr, Zn 20ug/mL each, B, Cu, 30 ug/mL each, Cr 40 ug/mL, Ni 50ug/mL, Hg 70ug/mL, As 80ug/mL, Ca, Pb 100ug/mL each, , Al, Ce, Mg, Se, Tl 200 ug/mL each, Fe, Na 300ug/mL each, P 600ug/mL, K 1000ug/mL, stabilized in 5% v/v nitric acid. 125 mL bottle.
Price: $499.00
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