Shimadzu Part Number:REST-22431

EZ No-Vent Connector Kit for Shimadzu GCMS-QP2010 and GCMS-QP2010 Plus

EZ No-Vent GC Column-Mass Spectrometer Connector Phase Information: for Shimadzu QP 2010 & QP 2010 Plus • Change GC/MS columns in minutes without venting—100µm transfer line maintains vacuum and eliminates the need to vent. • Easy to install and maintain—no special tools or plumbing required. • Gold-plated body for inertness. • High-temperature aluminum ferrules eliminate leaks at the transfer line fitting. • Lower cost than other “no-vent” fittings. • Can be used on Shimadzu QP 2010 and QP 2010 Plus mass spectrometers. Restek has designed the EZ No-Vent GC column-mass spectrometer connector to be simple and easy to use. A critical orifice in the EZ No-Vent connector minimizes the amount of oxygen allowed into the MS source, eliminating the need for purge gas as is required for other manufacturer's vent systems. The lengthy vent and pump-down cycle is not required, and normal instrument down-time from a column change is dramatically reduced. The EZ No-Vent connector easily attaches to the MS source without special tools or extra plumbing. Includes: EZ No-Vent connector; 0.4 mm ID polyimide adaptor ferrules for capillary column (2); 0.4 mm ID aluminum ferrules for transfer line (2); 100 µm deactivated transfer line (3 ft); column plug; capillary nut Instrument: for Shimadzu QP 2010 & QP 2010 Plus Product Name: EZ No-Vent Connector Kit Product Type: GC Accessory Units: kit
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