Shimadzu Part Number:REST-26088

SPE Cartridge Carboprep 200 Packing 3ml, 250mg 50pk 200 m2/gm surface

Resprep CarboPrep SPE Cartridges • Improved recovery of sulfonylurea herbicides, phenols, carbamates, and triazine herbicides, compared to C18 and C8 cartridges. • Wide range of selectivity for both analytes and their metabolites or degradation products. • Rapid sampling flow rates; uncompromised recoveries. • Maximum capacity for contaminant cleanup. • Controlled manufacturing improves cleanliness and ensures reproducible performance. • Excellent performance removing pigments from samples. CarboPrep cartridges are manufactured from chromatographic-grade, nonporous, graphitized carbon. Our manufacturing process minimizes variability and improves recovery and cleanup procedures. We offer two types of carbons: CarboPrep 90 has a surface area of approximately 90 m2/g, and CarboPrep 200 has a surface area of 200 m2/g. Both have higher capacity than silica-based packings for a variety of compounds. CarboPrep cartridges can be used for sample extraction of organic compounds and extract cleanup to remove matrix interferences, including highly pigmented materials. Packing: CarboPrep 200 Product Name: Resprep SPE Cartridge Product Type: SPE Accessory Units: 50-pk. Volume: 3 mL, 250 mg
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