Shimadzu Part Number: REST-26207

Closed End SPE Cartridges Activated Sodium Sulfate 2g, 50pk

Closed End SPE Cartridge: Activated Sodium Sulfate • High quality anhydrous sodium sulfate. • Approximately 2 grams prepackaged in a convenient capped cartridge with both male and female luer ends for easy connection to a variety of devices or equipment. • The adsorbent is fully activated and ready to use for removal of excess water from organic solvent solutions, prior to many types of analysis. • Capped cartridges will remain active for long periods of storage in the lab. Product Name: Activated Sodium Sulfate Product Type: SPE Accessory Similar to: Grace 219002, 5122466 Units: 50-pk. Volume: 2 g
Price: $305.00