Shimadzu Part Number:REST-27474

Trident Level 3 LC Column Protection System Cartridge & Filter, ea

Trident LC Column Protection System Phase Information: Redesigned to be more rugged and easier to use! • Match your needs with three levels of protection: filter only, cartridge only, or filter and cartridge. • Durable metal tip with replaceable PEEK ferrule means easy installation onto column without tools. • Improved thread design and materials create an optimal seal that releases and reseals easily, allowing multiple installations without galling and binding. • Easy-to-remove cap frit simplifies filter replacement. • Direct connection eliminates tubing and connectors that increase system volume and leak potential. • Low-dead-volume design has negligible effect on chromatography. * Fittings on all HPLC and UHPLC columns have 10-32 threads; however, seat depth varies. An improper seat will yield a poor connection and may affect chromatography. While all Restek LC columns will provide a zero-dead-volume connection when used with a properly installed Trident LC column protection system, analysts should consult the manufacturer for non-Restek column connections. A detailed discussion about port configurations can be found at Unlike “one size fits all” guard systems, the Trident LC column protection system gives you the power to select just the right level of protection for your work. With three levels of protection and a variety of guard cartridges and cap frits, you can select the best combination to match your specific analytical needs. Choose a filter alone to remove particulate matter, a guard cartridge alone to remove irreversibly adsorbed compounds, or both a filter and a guard cartridge for maximum protection. The economical, leak-free design provides a highly versatile combination of convenience, economy, and reliability. Type: Level 3: Filter Holder and Cartridge Holder Power Pack Units: ea.
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