Shimadzu Part Number: REST-31152

QuEChERS Performance Standards Kit

QuEChERS Performance Standards Kit • Designed for use in all QuEChERS methods for pesticides in fruits and vegetables, including the original unbuffered method, AOAC 2007.01, and EN 15662. • Kit contains organochlorine, organonitrogen, organophosphorus, and carbamate pesticides commonly used on fruits and vegetables. • Volatile, polar, active, base-sensitive, and nonvolatile compounds are included to allow comprehensive evaluation of QuEChERS extraction and cleanup efficiencies, and optimization of GC and LC instrumental conditions. • Ideal for initial method evaluations and ongoing method performance validations. • Analytes are divided into three ampuls based on compatibility for maximum stability and shelf life.* • Precise formulations improve data quality and operational efficiency; spend more time running samples and less time sourcing and preparing standards. • Quantitatively analyzed to confirm the composition and stability of each mixture. *When combining compounds with different functionalities, chemical stability can be an issue. The analytes in this kit are separated into three mixes to ensure maximum long-term storage stability. For analysis, a fresh working standard should be prepared by combining the three kit mixes in a 1:1:1 ratio to prepare a 100 µg/mL working standard solution. Once blended, Restek does not recommend storing working standards or subsequent dilutions for future use. Certified Reference Material: Yes Solvent and Volume: 300 µg/mL each in acetonitrile/acetic acid (99.9:0.1), 1 mL/ampul. Blend equal volumes of all three ampuls for a 100 µg/mL final solution. Min Shelf Life on Ship Date: 3 months Product Name: QuEChERS Performance Standards Kit Product Type: Multi-Component Standard Solvent Code: ACN:Acetic Acid Units: kit
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