Shimadzu Part Number: REST-31900

SOM01.1 SVOA Megamix (revised)

SOM01.1 SVOA MegaMix Standard, Revised Material: (65 components) *N-nitrosodiphenylamine (CLP-listed analyte) decomposes to diphenylamine (mix component) in the injector. Certified Reference Material: Yes Solvent and Volume: 1,000 µg/mL each in methylene chloride (3-methylphenol and 4-methylphenol at 500 µg/mL), 1 mL/ampul Concentration: 1000 Min Shelf Life on Ship Date: 6 months Product Name: SOM01.1 SVOA MegaMix, Revised Product Type: Multi-Component Standard Similar to: 33019 (discontinued) Solvent Code: D Units: ea.
Price: $154.00
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