Shimadzu Part Number: SSOT-G10002

Column, LC, Mastro C18 3um (2.1 x 100mm)

Mastro C18 3um (2.1 x 100mm). Some chemical compounds having metal chelates, such as phosphate groups, are known to causing peak tailing or adsorption. These kind of chemical compounds are widely used in metabolic substances and medicinal substances. This adsorption could be avoided by adding salt or chelating agents to the mobile phase. However, these eluents cannot be used in mass spectrometers. There is a concern that these eluents might remain in flow path in the HPLC system and they might be the cause of ghost peaks. The adsorption is caused by the metal parts of flow path including the column. PEEK column body has high inertness against chemical compounds with metallic chelate. However, it is difficult to produce high theoretical-plate columns due to the limited operating pressure of PEEK. Shimadzu recommends the high-pressure resistant, metal-free LC columns found in our “Mastro Series”. The Inner surface of the stainless body of Mastro columns are coated with polymers and the material of the frit is also a high pressure resistance polymer. These properties allowed for the Mastro Series, which satisfies both inertness and high pressure resistance. Mastro C18 achieves both high inertness and high pressure resistance by using a steel stainless column body whose inner surfaces are coated with unique polymers.
Price: $752.00