Shimadzu Part Number: SSOT-G20012

Column, LC, ReDual CX-C18 3um (2.0 x 100mm)

ReDual CX-C18 3um (2.0 x 100mm). Each particle is modified with both “C18” and “Weakly cation-exchanger. ReDual is a reverse-phase mixed mode HPLC column. Its was designed to separate compounds that cannot be retained and separated with a traditional ODS (C18) column. ReDual has both hydrophobic group and ion-exchange group so that the compounds can be retained and separated by weakly ion-exchange reaction along with hydrophobic interaction. Mixed mode columns are generally inconsistent from batch to batch and column to column but Shimadzu has determined a stable manufacturing process that allows for the most stable mixed mode column in the world. Our lot to lot and column to column consistency mimics traditional C18 columns, which no other manufacturer can claim. When the analysis requires mixed mode separations, chose ReDual.
Price: $1,092.00