Shimadzu Part Number: 220-91525-99

SamplePrep, Sonicator, 5.7L Ultrasonic bath with digital timer

With the Bransonic® CPX, we've gone digital and defined a new category in ultrasonic baths. We've reimagined our iconic line of ultrasonic baths for total control with a fully digital Tower Control Panel. The CPX also features our new self-adaptive technology that actively tracks and adapts to changes within the bath. Baths can also be used for cell separation, sample preparation and degassing of liquids. Features: • Degassing - can be set up to 99 minutes • Timer - can be set to 99 minutes or run continuously • Self-Adaptive technology • Digital tower control panel • Sleep mode • All 220-230 V units meet CE standards Note: Parts should not be allowed to rest on tank bottom, see accessories for options. Bath size 290 mm (11.5 in.) × 150 mm (6 in.) × 150 mm (6 in.) Bath volume 5.7 L
Price: $1,500.00