Shimadzu Part Number:220-97351-72

Standards, Florida Pesticide Standard Mix 3 for Cannabis Testing

Acephate 30560-19-1 100 ug/mL Chlorpyrifos 2921-88-2 100 ug/mL Diazinon 333-41-5 100 ug/mL Dimethoate 60-51-5 100 ug/mL Etofenprox 80844-07-1 100 ug/mL Etoxazole 153233-91-1 100 ug/mL Methyl parathion 298-00-0 100 ug/mL Phosmet 732-11-6 100 ug/mL Prophos 13194-48-4 100 ug/mL Pyridaben 96489-71-3 100 ug/mL Spinosyn A 131929-60-7 100 ug/mL
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