Atomic Spectroscopy (AA/ICP)

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Shimadzu's reputation for quality is well established. Many have viewed the metals industry as the epitome of this development. During the course of this evolution, Shimadzu, as the dominant supplier of atomic absorption/emission spectroscopy, has enjoyed a unique relationship with its customers in the field of metals analysis. Shimadzu has worked closely with engineers in each industry to thoroughly understand the complexities of analysis. As a result we are able to achieve unparalleled degrees of performance and flexibility.

Learn more about our full lineup of Atomic Spectroscopy (AA/ICP) instruments from our analytical web site that can be found here.

AA-7000 AA-6200 AA-6300
View our guide on AA-7000 Consumables. (PDF-1.2 MB) View our guide on AA-6200 Consumables. (PDF-885 KB) View our guide on AA-6300 Consumables. (PDF-1.1 MB)
ICPMS-2030 ICP-9000 ICP-9800
View our guide on ICPMS-2030 Supplies. (PDF-1.1 MB) View our guide on ICPE-9000 Supplies. (PDF-1.2 MB) View our guide on ICPE-9000 Supplies. (PDF-1.4 MB)