Shimadzu Scientific Instruments sells Shimadzu-manufactured LC and GC columns, as well as distributes Restek-branded columns. Click for more information on our newest columns.


Shim-pack Velox columns

Designed to maximize the performance of LC systems, Shimadzu’s Shim-pack Velox columns with core shell technology enable you to achieve increased separations and faster analysis times on any LC platform

Shim-pack Arata columns

Even for LC columns that claim to be designed for basic compounds, adequate resolution often cannot be obtained due to problems such as leading of highly polar basic compounds, peak shape deterioration of acidic compounds, or long equilibration time required for low ionic strength acidic mobile phase. All of these issues have been solved with Shim-pack Arata that was specifically designed to give unmatched peak shape for high pH compounds.

Shim-pack Bio Diol and IEX columns

The accurate analysis of biopharmaceutical compounds is needed when developing high quality pharmaceuticals. Shim-pack Bio Diol and IEX columns will improve the accuracy of the characterization of peptides, oligonucleotide and other biopharmaceuticals.