Spectroscopy (UV/Fluorescence)

Shimadzu has been developing UV-Vis spectrophotometers for more than 60 years, and continues to manufacture instruments that meet scientists' needs for ruggedness, ease of use, validation and applications. Our current lineup features the technologically advanced double-beam UV-1900i, which enhances usability, performance, and compliance, the introductory research-grade UV-2600i, with an extended range to 1400nm, and the double monochromator UV-2700i, which is capable of high Abs measurements. These compact systems are equipped with proprietary low-ray-ligh gratings, offer USB connectivity, and come with the full-featured UVProbe software.

The research-grade UV-Vis-NIR systems, UV-3600i Plus and SolidSpec-3700i, incorporate three detectors, which help to achieve excellent sensitivity during transmittance and reflectance, even in the switchover range, while significantly reducing noise.

Additional models include the versatile single-beam UV-1280 and the low-maintenance, micro-volume BioSpec-nano. Designed for the modern life science laboratory, the BioSpec-nano provides quick, easy nucleic acid quantitation and protein analysis with 1µL to 2µL samples.

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Lamp Guide

Model Tungsten (WI) Deuterium (D2)
UV-1201 / UV-1240 / UV-1280 062-65005-00 062-65055-05
UV-1700 / UV-1800 / UV-1900 Series 062-65005-00 062-65055-05
UV-160 / UV-1601 / UV-1650 / UV-2101 / UV-2401 / UV-2501 / UV-3101 062-65004-06 062-65055-05
UV-2600/2700 Series 062-65004-06 062-65055-05
UV-3600/3600Plus Series 062-65004-06 062-65055-05
UV-3700 Series 062-65004-06 062-65055-05
UV-3700 DUV Series 062-65004-06 206-20729-00


Model Xenon (Xe)
RF-551/10A 200-81500-01
RF-1501 200-81500-01
RF-5301 200-81500-01
RF-6000 228-51511-95


UV-Vis Paper

Part Number Description
Thermal Paper, Single roll 200-81500-01
Thermal Paper, Box of 5 rolls 200-91033-04