(Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer)

Since our first benchtop Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer was sold in 1979, Shimadzu has been a leader in developing GC/MS solutions with such design innovations as post-quadrupole focusing lenses, redesigned ion optics, and front access for easy maintenance. These innovations stem from extensive R&D initiatives to help users achieve outstanding sensitivity and simplified operation and maintenance.

Learn more about our full lineup of GCMS instruments from our analytical web site that can be found here.

View our guide on GCMS Consumables. (PDF-981 KB) View our guide on AOC-20/5000 Consumables. (PDF-635 KB)


Featured Items

Helium Filter, replacement cartridge 220-94859-20
Filament D Assembly 225-10340-91
MS column nut 670-11009-00
EI Ultra/Plus Repeller 225-17698-91
EI S/SE Repeller 225-10447-91
Ion Box Plus/Ultra 225-17697-91
Ion Box, EI, Heat Treated 225-10446-91
Septa, Injection Port, Supelco LB-2 Thermogreen, 340C Max, 50 pack 220-94781-00
Liner, Glass, Deactivated, with Wool, Split, 5/PK, for SPL-17/2010/2014 220-90784-00
O-Rings, 4D P5, 5/PK 036-11203-84