Shimadzu Part Number: 221-49381-02

Liner, Glass, Deactivated, w/o wool, Simple On Column OCI, OCI/PTV-2010, 0.25 to 0.53 columns, each

Simple On Columntype OCI Glass Inlet Liner, Deactivated, without wool, for GC-2010 OCI/PTV type injection port only in Simple On Column type OCI mode (also called Near On Column mode), 0.25mm ID to 0.53mm ID capillary columns seal into built in press tight connection in the liner, each. Simple On Column is a direct injection technique similar to true OCI but it does not require a megabore (0.53mm ID) pre-column and it can use a standard size syringe needle because the injection is into this Simple On Column glass insert, not directly into a megabore column. The effect is the same as true OCI because of the press tight seal directly onto a narrow bore column.
Price: $44.00