Shimadzu Part Number: 220-91521-53

Vials, LC, 0.45uM eXtreme Nylon Filter, 12x32mm with Pre-Slit Septa, 100/pk

The xEtreme Nylon filter vial has a patented design for easy compression and complete sample filtration. It offers multi-layer filtration for viscous samples, and samples with up to 30% solid particulates, and can replace lengthy SPE sample prep. The 0.45uM membrane is ideal for standard HPLC systems 0.3mm ID tubing to remove sample particulates and prolong the life of system components such as the autosampler needle, injection port and valve, and column inlet tubing. The 0.45uM eXtreme Nylon membrane is recommended for bioethanol production and fermentaition monitoring. Use with samples that contain less than 30% solid particulates.. Refer to the solvent compatibility table for a complete list of recommended solvents. Use in any HPLC or GC autosampler rack that accepts 12x32mm 2mL vials. Needle stroke must be set to 5mm from the bottom of the vial. Requires a minimum sample volume of 250 uL, maximum sample fill volume 450 uL, filter dead volume 120 uL.
Price: $278.00