Shimadzu Part Number:REST-10968

Rtx-624 Cap. Column 30m, 0.25mm ID, 1.40um

Rtx-624 Columns Material: (fused silica) Phase Information: low- to midpolarity phase • Application-specific columns for volatile organic pollutants. Recommended in U.S. EPA methods for volatile organic pollutants. • Temperature range: -20 °C to 240 °C. • Equivalent to USP G43 phase. The unique polarity of the Rtx-624 column makes it ideal for analyzing volatile organic pollutants. Although the Rtx-502.2 column is recommended in many methods, the Rtx-624 column offers better resolution of early eluting compounds. The Rtx-624 phase produces greater than 90% resolution of the first six gases in EPA Methods 8260 and 524.2. This stationary phase is especially well-suited for EPA Method 524.2 since it resolves 2-nitropropane from 1,1-dichloropropanone, which share quantification ion m/z 43 and must be separated chromatographically. Similar Phases: DB-1301, DB-624, DB-624UI, VF-1301ms, VF-624ms, CP-1301, ZB-624 DF: 1.40 µm ID: 0.25 mm Length: 30 m Product Name: Rtx-624 Product Type: GC Column Similar to: Agilent 122-1334 Similar to: Varian CP7412 Temp Limits: -20 to 240 °C Units: ea.
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