Shimadzu Part Number:REST-21472

Alumaseal Ferrule 0.4mm, 10pk

Alumaseal Ferrules • Aluminum construction—will not crack or fragment. • No retightening required after temperature cycles—excellent for GC-MS. • Eliminate out-gassing and make leak-tight seals for less detector noise. • Unique two-piece design permanently locks on fused silica tubing without causing breakage. • Will not stick in fittings, unlike Vespel or graphite ferrules. • Stable to 550 °C. • Use with any 1/16" compression-type fitting. Alumaseal ferrules combine the advantages of graphite and Vespel/graphite ferrules, and eliminate the disadvantages, for enhanced performance in any application. The unique front and back ferrule design seals easily and surely, the ferrules will not fragment or off-gas, and they are stable to 550 °C. Alumaseal ferrules will not allow oxygen to permeate into the system, and do not require retightening after temperature cycles, making them ideal for GC-MS applications. They can be used with any standard 1/16" compression-type fitting, with fused silica columns. For leak-tight seals, we highly recommend you try Alumaseal ferrules. Ferrule ID: 0.4 mm Fits Column ID: 0.25 mm Product Name: Alumaseal Ferrules Product Type: Ferrule Units: 10-pk.
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