Shimadzu Part Number: REST-25817

Capillary Tubing, SS 1/16"OD x 0.007 ID x 5cm L, 3-pk Yellow

LC Stainless Steel Capillary Tubing • 316-grade stainless steel. • Precise precut lengths. • Clean and smooth surface finish. • Color coded for easy identification. • Tight tolerance: OD and ID +/-0.001". Whether you need to replace system tubing as part of your troubleshooting or want to reduce the dwell volume of your system as you move to narrower columns, Restek has the quality tubing in the lengths and IDs you need. Each ID is color coded, so it is easy to identify and replace correctly. Tubing is precision cut, resulting in clean, square-cut ends without ovality. Color: yellow ID: 0.007" (0.178 mm) Length: 5 cm Material: 316-grade stainless steel Max Pressure: 26,610 psi OD: 1/16" Product Name: LC Capillary Tubing Product Type: HPLC Accessory Similar to: 25244 (discontinued) Units: 3-pk.
Price: $26.00