Shimadzu Part Number: REST-26392

Frit Adapter, 3mm Glass Solvent Filter Connector PTFE, 4-pk

Bluestem Glass Solvent Filter • Restek Bluestem glass solvent filter provides clean mobile phase to extend the life of columns and pump seals. • 15 µm borosilicate glass frit sits lower than conventional glass filters to draw more mobile phase from each bottle. • Blue filter stem allows instant visual confirmation of upright filter orientation. • Connects to standard 1/8" OD (3.2 mm) PTFE tubing using your existing frit adaptor (also sold separately as cat.# 26392). Prevent the particulates and microbial growth in your LC solvents from entering your instrument with the new Restek Bluestem glass solvent filter. Product Name: Frit Adaptor, PTFE Product Type: HPLC Accessory Similar to: Agilent 5062-8517 Units: 4-pk.
Price: $32.00