Shimadzu Part Number: 227-32001-03

Column, LC, Shim-pack Velox SP-C18 1.8um 2.1x100mm

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The Velox SP-C18 is designed and intended specifically for use in LC-MS/MS applications under low pH conditions. The sterically protected ligand resists hydrolysis, resulting in increased lifetime versus a standard C18 when using strongly acidic (pH 1-3) mobile phases, and provides a balanced retention profile for multiple compound classes. Use Velox SP-C18 when low pH conditions are required to separate neutral acids, charged bases, and more. The Velox superficially porous particle (SPP) provides high speed, high resolution separations to reduce run time and increase sample throughput under UHPLC conditions. pH range 1-8, maximum temperature 80C, maximum pressure 1050 bar/105 MPa/15,000 psi. Note: for maximum lifetime, P.Max of 800 bar/80MPa/12,000 psi is recommended.
Price: $790.00