Shimadzu Part Number:220-97351-52

Standards, Terpenes Mixture 2

Terpene Mixture 2, 100ug/mL each. (+)-Borneol 1139-30-6 (-)-Borneol 23089-26-1 d-Camphor 77-53-2 L-(-)-Camphor 498-15-7 (-)-alpha-Cedrene 79-92-5 (-)-Fenchone 78-70-6 (+)-Fenchyl Alcohol 4695-62-9 Geraniol 89-78-1 Guaiol 124-76-5 alpha-Humulene 76-22-2 d-Limonene 123-35-3 trans-Nerolidol 40716-66-3 a-Pinene 470-82-6 beta-Pinene 502-61-4 (+)-Pulegone 89-79-2 Sabinene 106-25-2 Sabinene hydrate 13877-91-3 a-Terpinene 3790-78-1 gamma-Terpinene 105-87-3 Terpineol 99-83-2 Terpinolene 87-44-5
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