Shimadzu Part Number: REST-28295

Q-sep Multispeed Centrifuge for QuEChERS

The Q-sep centrifuge is controlled by an electronic push-button timer that is variable from one to 30 minutes for precise spin times and ease of use. Samples can be safely viewed through the transparent lid. The imbalance detection system safely terminates a run cycle in the event that a load is severely imbalanced. Entry into the machine is restricted during operation by the safety interlock system. The Q-sep centrifuge features a lighted control panel that displays the status of the machine, easily viewable from a distance. The unit comes with presets for AOAC and EN methods or up to 10 custom cycles can be programmed with full control of time, braking, and speed or g-force (up to 4500 rpm or 3450 xg). Includes 15 mL four-place tube holder (6); 50 mL single-place tube holder (6); 50 mL conical tube insert (6); 2 mL tube adaptors (24); U.S. power cord (1); global/universal power cord (1). Replacement for REST-26230.
Price: $3,090.00