Shimadzu Part Number:220-91246-59

PEEKsil Tubing 1/16" OD x 75um ID x 20cm, Black - 5 Pack

PEEKsil is comprised of a fused silica capillary encased in 1/16" OD PEEK tubing, ideal for extremely low volume and bioinert applications. The flexible tubing is easily routed through the LC system and can be used with any PEEK fingertight fittings. Tubing volume: 0.884 uL. NOTE: Each piece of tubing must be used at its precut length and should never be cut because permanent damage will result from the use of conventional cutters. Use only PEEK fittings such as 228-18565-84 (standard fingertight) or 220-91522-07 (high pressure fingertight,) never stainless steel nuts and ferrules.
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