Shimadzu Part Number: 220-93610-01

Standards, Spectro, UV-Vis IQOQ Kit from InSpec Solutions

Contains: 30 mL bottles of:In-Spec® Holmium Oxide (Wavelength), In-Spec® Potassium Chloride 12g/L (Stray Light), In-Spec® Sodium Iodide 10g/L (Stray Light) ,In-Spec® Sodium Nitrite 50g/L (Stray Light), In-Spec® Potassium Dichromate 50mg/L (Photometric). Also provided are: Black plastic carrying case w/ foam insert, Shimadzu approved labels, GFS Chemicals MSDS, GFS Chemicals Certificate of Analysis. Includes data for all five types of standards: wavelengths, cut-offs, absorbance values (Any additional data requested by Shimadzu), In-Spec® Scanning Procedure and In-Spec® Certificate of Traceability.
Price: $425.00